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Wholesale & Private Label Soy Candles
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NorthWood Candle Company - Wholesale Soy Candles By placing an order, you agree to the terms on conditions stated on the bottom of this page.
Status Jar
Available Fragrances - Over 150 options!                                                                                              
Private Label Reed Diffuser Kits
Soy Wax Melts
Luxury Pillar
Wood or Cotton Wick
4 Sizes Now Available!
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Fragrance Spotlight:

Butt Naked

This fun and fruity fragrance is a great
conversation starter - with guaranteed
giggles.  Reminds us of days on the
beach. Fruity and floral blend of green
apple, pear, honeydew & strawberry. A
touch of coconut, floral and creamy
vanilla adds great depth to this

Excellent Volume Discounts!
Starting at only 100 units
Luxury Candle Cube
Never Ending Candle
Large Bakery Jar
Bakery Jar
Private Label Soy Candle Tins
Special Offer!
12.25oz Status Jar
36 Candles
up to 6 fragrances
Retail $718.20!
Soy Candles - Luxury Scented Soy Candles
room spray and air freshners - home and vehicle fragrance sprays
Long Lasting Wholesale Soy Candles
Luxury Soy Candles at Wholesale Prices
Soy Container Candle - Luxury Soy Candles
Double Wick Wholesale Soy Candles
Private Label Soy Candles
Retail: $4.95
Wholesale: $2.25
4oz - 6oz - 8oz
New! Color Cubes!
Private Label Candle Tins
Wholesale Candle Containers
Soy Wax Melts - Wholesale and Private Label
Custom Soy Candles
Retail $16.95
Wholesale: $8.45
8oz Container - Metal Stand Optional
Wholesale: $3.95 - $4.95 - $5.95
Retail: $29.95
Wholesale: $18.95
Retail: $29.95
Wholesale: $16.95
Retail: $34.95
Wholesale: $19.95
Retail: $34.95 Wholesale: $18.95
Retail: $15.95 Wholesale: $7.95
Retail: $28.95 Wholesale: $16.95
Retail: $19.95 Wholesale: $9.95
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2.75oz - $3.45
8oz - $6.95
12.25oz - $9.45 -
Free Tin Lid!
21oz - $13.45 - Free Tin Lid!

Glass Lids Available for All Sizes
Wood & Tin Lids for 12 or 21 oz
Shipping is available through UPS or Spee-Dee Delivery at published rates and will be added to all orders.
We can also bill your UPS or FedEx shipping account.
Payment is due at the time your order is placed.

Current lead time is 10-12 days
All orders are final.
Minimum opening order: $200 for NorthWood branded products. $300 for private label.
Minimum Re-order: $200
Orders under $300 subject to $7 processing fee
By placing an order, you agree to these terms and conditions.
11oz Tumbler - Introductory Price $8.95
Available in Black, White & Frosted Sand
Wood or Cotton Wick -
Boxes or Lids Optional
White Status Jar Candle Container
Place Your Order
Email Us or Call 612-638-7407
White Status Jar
w/ Silver Rim
Sale! $9.95
(12.25oz Size)
Custom Container and Supply Storage Policy:
We will store your products, materials and supplies for up to 3 months at no cost. Inventory that has been here for 3
months or longer will incur a storage fee of $.75 per cubic foot per month beginning on the date the inventory was
received. The charge changes to $1.50 per cubic foot beginning at 6 months. A $10 per case fee will apply for any
inventory shipped back to you from our warehouse or for orders shipped under our minimum order amount. You are
responsible for any shipping costs. Inventory left at our location for 12 months will become property of NorthWood
Candle, LLC unless other arrangements have been made.
Amazon Shipping Policy:
We can handle everything for you. Shipments sent to Amazon will be charged $3 per case to cover additional costs
associated with their packing requirements.
Damaged Shipments:
If there is damage to your shipment - contact the shipping company right away! You will need to save the original
packing material and boxes so a claim can be filed. We will assist with resolving the matter when possible. NorthWood
Candle, LLC is not responsible for damage to items during shipping or filing a claim.

Policies subject to change.
Essential Oil
Tea Tree
...and more!

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