Why choose NorthWood Candle Company for candle fundraising?

  • Our candles are hand poured using only the finest ingredients. Our high
    porous wax allows up to 3 times as much fragrance to be absorbed giving
    you an amazing scented candle.
  • Only premium fragrance oils are used, insuring each candle smells very
    true to life. We feel when burning our 'Hot Baked Apple Pie' - it should
    smell like you've just taken one out of the oven!
  • Offer your customers an affordable product they will love! Chances are
    they will buy more than just one candle.
  • Earth Friendly 100% Natural Soy Wax provides for a cleaner burning
  • Made in the USA! Hand crafted candles made in the USA using American
    made products!
Soy Candle Fundraiser - Candle Fundraising
Candle Fundraising
Candle Fundraiser
NorthWood Candle Company
will be happy to assist in
planning your next
fund raiser event
Want more information? Contact us today
to recieve your free kit on
how to plan a candle fundraiser.
Your kit includes samples of everything your participants will have during the fundraiser
and information on how NorthWood Candle Company will help
add some fire when
planning a fundraiser!
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Candle Fundraising
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Candle Fundraising
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