Planning a Candle Fundraiser
Candle Fundraisers are great ways to raise money for
your group or organization. We have created this page to
help insure planning a candle fundraiser is a fun and
rewarding experience!
Candle Fundraiser Planning
Candle Fundraiser
NorthWood Candle
Company will be
happy to assist in
planning your
next candle fund
raiser event!
How to plan a fundraiser:

When planning a fundraiser, there are a few things to keep in mind that will
make sure things run smoothly. We have created this guide to help.

Running your fundraising event for 2 weeks is suggested. This will allow
participants plenty of time to collect orders and also reduce the time your
customers spend waiting for their products.

Have 1 or 2 people in your group responsible for collecting orders and
payments. This will greatly help keep the process organized.

Offer your customers a product they will use and love. Your customers will
love our candles and look forward to your next fundraiser event.

With candles being used in 70% of all homes* and considered by many to be
a great gift for any occasion - people look forward to your next candle fund
raiser. Successfully run 2-3 candle fundraisers each year, almost effortlessly!
Want more information? Contact us today
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how to plan a candle fundraiser.
Your kit includes samples of everything your participants will have during the
fundraiser and information on how NorthWood Candle Company will help
add some
when planning a fundraiser!
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