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Private Label
Soy Candles
Opening order is only $300. Re-orders are $200 with a $7 fee for orders under $300. Low minimums &
orders up to 25,000 pieces are just one reason to choose us for your private label candle project!

2. Do you offer custom fragrance blends?
Yes! If you have a blend in mind, our perfumist can create it for you. Minimum orders and costs may vary.
Contact us to discuss your custom candle fragrances.

3. Can you use a container that I supply?
Yes! Custom containers can be used for your private label candle project. We'll do a couple of testers to
insure the proper burn quality and create the exact candle you are looking for. Have a container style in mind
but can't see to find it? We'll search our suppliers and help find exactly what you are looking for!

4. Do you provide labels?
We offer basic label printing and design in house. You are also able to work with your own design team. We
can also refer you to a couple of great companies - or handle all aspects of labeling and packaging for you.
Cost of labels is not included on private label orders.

5. Do you have boxes available?
Yes! We offer a kraft or white gift box that fit most of our candle container options. We also partner with a
great company for all of your custom packaging options.

6. Why should I choose NorthWood Candle Company?
We're your private label candle experts! Premium candle components, amazing fragrances and personal
customer service that can't be beat.

7. What are your candles made of?
We use only American grown soy wax for our candles to provide you for an excellent, clean burning candle.

8. What is the burn time for your candles?
Our long burning soy wax candles will burn up to 8 hours per ounce of wax. Our tea light candles burn up to
5 hours!

9. Can we re-name your fragrances?
Yes! You are free to use our fragrance names and descriptions, or change them to fit your custom candle

Have additional questions? We're here to help!
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