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Scented Soy Tarts
Soy Tarts and Wax Melts. Break Apart Melts. Soy Wax Clamshell Melts. Works in Scentsy Wax Bar Melters.
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Luxury Soy Tarts &
Simple. Natural. NorthWood Luxury.
Soy Tarts
Our soy tart melts provide lasting fragrance for for any space in your home. Great for the office
or other places where you can't have open flames. Luxury soy tarts and melts from
NorthWood Candle Co.
Serenity Soy Tart Warmer
Star Soy Tart Warmer
Blue Tart Warmer / Wax Melter
Our premium soy wax melts create hours of scentsational
enjoyment in any environment.
Tarts and melts work best with electric style wax melters
6pk Clamshell Soy Melts
Our soy clamshell tart melts are the perfect and convenient way to fragrance.
Break apart 1-3 clamshell melts into your warmer and enjoy! Great for creating
your own fragrance blends!
Soy Clamshell Wax Melts
Tart Warmers

(Currently Unavailable)

Our soy melts work in all electric tart warmers!

Use with your
Scentsy Bar melters.

Soy Clamshell melts, break apart melts, and soy tarts work with electric or candle tart

Soy Tarts and Wax Melts from NorthWood Candle Company
Soy Tarts and Clamshell Break Apart
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