Wholesale & Private Label Candles
Ordering Terms and Conditions
NorthWood Candle, LLC
Print and Sign This Page - Email a copy to customercare@northwoodcandlecompany.com

Shipping is available through UPS at published rates and will be added to all orders.
We can also bill your UPS shipping account.

Payment is due at the time your order is placed.

Lead Times are Not Guaranteed. Estimated lead time is shown on the website.
Custom products and larger orders may require additional time.

All Sales Are Final - It is your responsibility to order any test products
before placing an order to insure the finished product will meet your needs.

Minimum opening order: $500 w/ $300 re-order
Custom Projects: Beginning at $1000
Only Candle Products Count Toward Minimum Order
Quotes are valid for 90 days unless specified.
Custom Container and Supply Storage Policy:
With a completed invoice, we will store your products, materials and supplies for up to 1 month at no cost. Inventory
that has been here for 1 month or longer will incur a storage fee of $.75 per cubic foot per month beginning on the
date inventory is received. This changes to $1.50 per cubic foot beginning at 4 months. A $15 per case fee will apply
for any inventory shipped back to you from our warehouse. You are responsible for any shipping costs. If product
needs to be repackaged for shipping, labor will be charged at current hourly rates. Inventory left at our location for 9
months will become property of NorthWood Candle, LLC unless other arrangements have been made. Product sent to
us without approval or with an unpaid invoice will incur storage charges beginning the day inventory is received. Items
sent for testing purposes will be saved for 2 months unless other arrangements have been made.
This policy will not apply to contract candle manufacturing customers with a current contract.
Amazon Shipping Policy:
We can handle everything for you. Shipments sent to Amazon will be charged $5 per case to cover additional costs
associated with their packing requirements. Additional charges for special packaging.
Damaged Shipments:
If there is damage to your shipment - contact the shipping company right away! Packages must be opened and
inspected upon delivery.
Do Not Sign Without Noting Damage! You will need to save the original packing material
and boxes so a claim can be filed. We will assist with resolving the matter when possible.
NorthWood Candle, LLC is not responsible for damage to items during shipping or filing a claim.

This agreement shall remain in effect for all orders placed with NorthWood Candle, LLC

I agree to the above stated terms and conditions.


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